17-Oct-2018Seven Lakes, NC+13 milesDogs for Sale
Arrow is a good dog looking for a good home. He is a one year old chocolate labrador whom we received from a local breeder. He is a good companion dog who loves the outdoors. We have 3 young kids, including a newborn, and while he is incredibly patient with our kids, we are unable to give Arrow the amount of time and attention he deserves. We are hoping to find a better home for this nice dog -...
15-Oct-2018Cameron, NC+14 milesDogs for Sale
7-Oct-2018Pinehurst, NC+5 milesDogs for Sale
Winston is a ten yo Newfoundland/labrador mixture. We picked him up at a shelter in GA after he was abandoned in a kennel. They said he would live about another year or so because he had heartworms. That was 6yrs ago! He beat the heartworms! Winston needs a forever home right now because his doggo friend recently turned on him. They can no longer live in the same house, through no fault of Wins...
2-Oct-2018Cameron, NC+14 milesDogs for Sale
Ivie (boxer/labrador mixture) Really lovable girl and knows sit and paw on both sides. Great with children and other dogs. Female. 53.2 pounds. Age: approximately 1 1/2. (Heart worm POSITIVE but will be treated before adoption.)...
21-Aug-2018Seven Lakes, NC+13 milesDogs for Sale
We adopt Arrow last summer and he's just celebrated his 1st birthday. We had two little kids at the time and he's been wonderfully patient with them. We were blessed this year with an additional child and have found ourselves a little overwhelmed. Arrow is a nice puppy, but... he's a puppy and needs more love and attention than we're able to give him. We're looking to resolve him with a family ...
15-Aug-2018Raeford, NC+17 milesDogs for Sale
Max came to us via a friend who gave the pup to a young girl who had the pup but didn't take care of it very well. He has b become food aggressive and snappy.. as I do not have the time to send him to training I am asking if anyone wants to take this on. He has been my son's dog for 2yrs he has been fed and had shots but they need to be updated as he is snappy I can't get him in the car. The ch...
10-Aug-2018Cameron, NC+14 milesDogs for Sale
8-Aug-2018Raeford, NC+17 milesDogs for Sale
Friendly and playful labrador that needs a home where owner can set aside time to accommodate playing and training. We have a new baby and it's just to much on our family.
8-Aug-2018Raeford, NC+17 milesDogs for Sale
Dixie was brought to us by a family friend when she was just a puppy, it was to be only temporary but our love for her grew more than anyone could expect. She loves her little human brother (2). You might call her his protector. She s lived with many dogs we have rescued and found homes for over the years. We also have three cats. One might say she s part cat herself. We are currently going thr...
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